Sunday, July 18, 2010

Skins and detail paint

OK, busy weekend! Since i put together the skin flatpack i got from A&A. I decided to put on the skins. It does take a while to get everything "just right., and with a litte taping help from my daughter and wife their on!!!
After that I couldn't help but putting on a few other parts!
Then on to some painting!
Then couldn't resist seeing some of them in place.  This is when I get motivated!!!
It start to look like a real droid when the small stuff is on it.  Other wise it is a big lump of plastic.
Can't wait to do more!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

More pics..

Ok got some more pics uploaded.

The first two are of my only finished pieces. the shoulder hubs.

They look gold..ish, but it silver. It's automotive tape  I got at autoparts store.

The next is some body detail pieces I glued up. They're A&A flatpack skin extras. Thanks Andy!

Bunch of things!

I'm sorry that it has been so long since I last posted.
I've been working on a R5D4 dome.  I know. This is supposed to be a R2D2 but I decided to change it a few weeks ago. so here it goes!
This first part is making the bottom ring. The sides will be 3mm thick. 3 seperate rings of  1mm styrene.

Lay out all the angles on the other side. These will bring the O.D. down to the neck size.
Now putting on the neck uprights on the double thickness neck ring. (6mm, 2   3mm pieces)
Now finish up neck ring with 2 more 3mm pieces. Lined up by bolts through both sets of rings.
Now glue on the bottom ring assy.  Aligning tool was made to make sure everything is.......aligned!
Her I put on 2 layers of 1mm skin on lower angle. Also glued in top dome frame and top plate, the front eye plate also installed.
All plans are courtesy of Dave Everett. Thanks Dave!!

Well, that's not all I have done but need to get pics uploaded first, will be back.