Sunday, June 6, 2010

Legs... Skirt....

Well, been a long time since last update. Have been able to get alot of leg and foot work done. Have one leg ready to final drill the holes for the shoulder mounting bolts. The other i just finished skinning and cleaning up to give first coat of primer.

Also have one main ankle primed .

Will get these and another  main ankle done, then hit the bad spots w/ some bondo. Then more sanding and more priming.

Have also been working on the skirt.

The side pieces are not long enough. Didn't notice, till I mocked up the piece of 1mm, that will go around the ends. Will have to figure out something to do, because it's all glued in now.
The skirt has been my bane on this project. Had a very hard time wrapping the 3mm pieces around the ends. They wouldn't stay in place even after letting glue dry for 2 days. But finally got them to stay put.

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