Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm back!!!

Man! Where to start. Got a bunch of stuff done.  Well, Physically built but not a finished product. The list Main feet, started center foot, center ankle,  and have my rockler.

 I also have one batt, box built and the other almost done. Had a problem with the room inside for the battery. Dave's plans call for a 7amp/hr battery to be installed in them. when I tried to put mine in, the battery would hit the little tabs that the cover screws into. So I had to take off the upper two tabs and lift the battery up to clear those tabs.

The battery is right up against the back of the tabs,so it shouldn't shift side-to-side.
Then I had to add a tab along the width of the cover.
And two smaller tabs where the other two on the box where before.
Install battery and Viola!
Hope that wasn't to confusing.  Now to do it to the other one!

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