Thursday, April 29, 2010

Frame and Shoulder Construction

Sorry, It has been a while since my last post. Been real busy with work and family.
But with that said, I did take off 3 days this week, plus weekend. = 5 whole days to build.

Mon. and Tues. bought a bunch of stuff. Trim router, 2x4 piece of 1/2" MDF for table, clamp of all sizes, files, ect. Also my package came in from Tap Plastics w/ tin of Weld-On 2354, syringe bottle, and a cutting mat.
21.00 USD at Harbor Freight.   Here's the router table set up on porch.
The tube is an after thought. It is a shop vac hose. This thing can make a HUGH mess...

Did most of my circular cutting done yesterday. started glueing up lastnite and today.
At Harbor Freight I bought 2 aluminum speed squares, used for wood framing. 2.00 USD a piece. Took them to work and put them to the bandsaw. Cut the length down to 4" from 12", and cut out a notch in the 90 degree corner. That way glue won't get on the corner and spread it all over.
Then I use one of my mini-clamps, also from HF, and clamp the flat side to the piece and push it all flat, The wieght of the square holds it plumb.
Sorry, bad picture.
Was also doing the shoulders while waiting for glue on frame. Got  got one side glued up tonite,and drilled. Don't have 1mm yet to skin them, so will set them back for now.

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