Friday, April 30, 2010

More assembely

Well, continued gluing today, Frame done.

Shoulders done, except for 1mm wrap. I drilled my holes for SAE threads. [US fractions]  Using 1/4" for 6mm. 3/4" for 20mm.
I noticed that when I installed the bolts through the shoulder that they angled out a hair. Hopefully it will be OK.

Got the first part of the skirt glued up. A couple of the spacers between the plates weren't touching one plate so I added some extra pieces.
Also glued up the main part of the middle ankle. Drilled and tapped for 1/4"-20.  When I drilled, it started to split the layers. Maybe I didn't let the glue fully cure. What I will do, is to put 5 bolts through the ankle between the 4 strip pieces. Probably use 10-24 bolts to keep the laminates together.
They won't be seen when the outer cover and trim pieces go on.

 Ran out of spray tack so can't put on any more temps till I get more.

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