Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back at it, again!!!

Been working at a lot slower pace, the last few weeks. Started R2's new shoulders.

Also worked on the other leg.

And a main ankle.

Got some resin parts too! Thanks Keith!

Cleaned them all up as instructed and thought i'd prime the coin slots. Well the primer just scratches right off!
  I either need to rough up the surface a bit or use better primer.
Could't resist putting the shoulder hub in the near finished leg.  It's a little high on the bottom. So after investigating I found it sitting on the leg tube.

A little grinding with the dremel  and voila!

Still a little off to one side. will look at it again.

Now have started hand cutting the skins. At this point have both inners and front outer.

Will try to get outer back done this week.
Whew! all for now!

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