Sunday, May 9, 2010

Legs, Messed up shoulders and ankles

Well, got very little done this week. Have one leg almost put together. But I really don't like the way it looks. I think it's structurally sound. I guess if it looks good on outside, that's what will count  Will need to file my edges before wrapping it in 1mm. Also need to put on last side piece of 3mm.

Messed up on the center ankle. There are sets of strips the go from top of ankle to the bottom of the curve on the outside 3mm piece. Well, when I scored the placement marks from the template, I went all the way to the bottom of the ankle, and then glued the strips to far down.

I should be able to cut them back close to the curve w/o scaring the base. Then sand to flush w/ curve.

Now the shoulders. Not posting pics on these, but believe me when I say that you NEED a drill press to drill all the holes in the shoulder! If not you take the chance of putting them in at a angle!  Just like me!!!!
 I didn't like the way they turned out anyway. I had a couple of gaps between the slats and the discs, and one set somehow got out of round. so.....

Well now is when I need to say that I will be taking a few weeks off from building. I start the repairs to my house, from the flood damage, from last week. I do have a order submitted for resin coinslots and utility arms.
 So I guess getting needed parts is still progress. Oh, will get a couple pieces of much needed 1mm styrene too!


  1. Hey,

    I think the legs look good. They should be fine with a bit of sanding. On the second pic, it looks like you're missing the side plate?

    Bummer about the center ankle :-)


  2. ya i hadn't got it on then, is ow though. Working on other leg now it seams to be going better so far. Need to get some 1mm to skin this stuff and make my skins. Thanks for the good words.